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Home Based Business – Promoting Green Products

Most people will not make any money online and some will make more in a month than other people will make in a whole year. Why do you suppose that happens? The biggest challenge is getting the proper training. With out that, you will not make much money. You should know that preparation, research, the proper training, and a passion for the company and their products are a necessity.

Natural green products are great sellers. If you do your research and find a company with products that you can believe in, you can translate that belief into the education, excitement and work that usually accompanies success. If you have a passion for Earth friendly green products, that is what your home based business should promote. People with even a touch of asthma should use chemical free, all natural cleaners, which have no smell. People also like to take all natural vitamins. Many people use as many Earth friendly green products as they can.

Many have a belief in Green Products and want to save the planet, or at least do their part. Look for products that you can use without causing harm to yourself or planet Earth. Find a great company with great all natural products. Products for house cleaning, laundry, hair, skin, vitamins, and even weight loss. Products made from nature’s own ingredients. Products that people use in their every day lives.

Make sure your products do what they say they will do. Make sure If the customer is not happy with the results, they will get a prompt refund. No questions asked. Reputable companies that do proper testing will not have a problem with this guarantee.

You will also need a good website, a good supplier, good advertising, good company support, very good training, and a good mentor. These things can often be overlooked. Knowledge can be learned from a good mentor, someone who has been successful in a green products home based business. Learn all that you can from someone who already knows, or it will cost you a lot more of your time and money to have a successful online business. Work with a proven company that has been in business many successful years and has a great track record. The company you choose should also have a great support system to help you be successful.

If you don’t believe in the company and their products, you will not have enough passion and drive to do the work necessary to succeed. I don’t know about you, but it’s impossible for most people to talk with passion about anything that they don’t really believe in. Really good mentors can teach people about great products because they believe in them.

There is no better way to make money then with a home based business. There is no need for you to make cold calls or stalk your friends and family. Use the internet and a website. There will be some cost to get started, anyone who says different is not being truthful. The difference is that you should be spending the startup cost on your startup, not giving it to a self proclaimed expert. You need to learn from someone who has been where you are and knows what it takes to be successful working from home. You need someone who has a genuine interest in helping you.

Your research should uncover a company that you trust. A company that has passion for their products. It should be solid, and founded on great principles. It should be easy to understand, have great products for which you can have a Passion for and Confidence in. You want a company that has a great pay plan and pays on time. A company that has been in business for a long time with a great track record. Keep looking until you find the right opportunity with the attributes that have been identified here for you. Remember, the more knowledge you have, the more money you are likely to make.

Your goal should be to get to the point where you can sell by not selling, but by teaching about products that you believe in, because most people don’t like to be sold, but they like to buy. There is not a more perfect product for people to buy than all natural green products. If only we could teach that to everyone. That goal is a worthy one indeed.

6 Home Based Business Resources

According to the Direct Sales Association the direct sales industry for the United States totaled $29.87 billion and that was an increase of 4.6% from the year before. No wonder so many people are flocking to start their own home based business.

DSA President Joseph Mariano says, “Direct Selling continues to be a source of income and support for independent consultants across the USA.”

Direct selling grew 3.9% and this outpaced the overall economy. The United States ranks as the top direct selling market in the world with Japan second and China third. According to Alessandro Carlucci, President of World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, global direct sales increased 10 percent from $139.7 billion in 2010 to $153.7 billion in 2011, according to Carlucci.

There is a huge potential for people to make money in this industry. Below are some resources that may help you in your business.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

The Federal Trade Commission regulates FREE Trade in the United States and protects consumers. Here is their mission as listed on their website.

Our mission: To prevent business practices that are anticompetitive, deceptive, or unfair to consumers

This is a great agency that really does great work for the American people. If you have any concerns or grievances and you are unable to receive any support try visiting their website to determine your next course of action.

They also offer information on Economics, Consumer Protection, Competition, Congressional information, and other topics associated with business activities.

Home Business Radio Network (HBRN)

HBRN is a year old company that provides a 24 hour radio network platform dedicated to the home based business owner. It provides 34 different shows that target, train, and discusses topics that pertain to the home business arena.

Some of the top industry leaders with proven track records provide a platform where you can learn any time of day. Some of the topics include direct selling, social media, leadership, mobile apps, personal branding, industry updates, personal development, and many more topics.

HBRN also offers a mobile app so that you can listen to Positive Powered Radio on the go.


Fiverr is a website portal that allows you to purchase or sell products for services starting at $5. This allows the small business owner to shop for services and items needed on a very limited budget.

Some categories offered are:

  • Graphics & Design
  • Video & Animation
  • Online Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Proramming & Tech
  • Music & Audio

There are other categories but those above are the main ones listed that appeal to the small or home based business.

In order to make purchases you will need a PayPal account. Other than that requirement there should be no problem with finding someone to offer what you need and for a very reasonable cost.

SMASH Solutions

Smash Solutions is a brand new fully integrated customer relations and marketing platform that allows any type of business to automate many daily tasks associated with running a business and it allows the business owner to track marketing campaigns as well.

  • Contact Manager
  • Integrated Calendar
  • Social Media Hub
  • Video Conferencing
  • Video Email
  • Campaign Manager
  • Personal Virtual Assistant
  • SEO Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Smash Clicking
  • Smash Tool Bar
  • Automated Contact Notes
  • Media Room
  • Specials Postings
  • All of this FREE

The BETA launch is right around the corner. Visit the website and watch the presentation videos to learn how this all came about.

IBOTool Box

IBOTool Box is a “SAFEHAVEN” for you to learn and build your business. This is a FREE community where you can go to network with likeminded individuals in a business social network setting.

Here you can:

  • Advertise Your Business
  • Submit Press Releases
  • Generate Leads
  • Contact Manager
  • Media Sharing
  • Events Scheduling
  • Live Chat

Direct Selling Association (DSA)

The DSA is a national trade association for businesses that produce and distribute goods and services that are sold directly to consumers. DSA currently has approximately 200 member businesses.

DSA screens all members and provides a strict code of ethics as a cornerstone that each member must pledged to uphold.

DSA also provides resources to its members and provides research resources concerning this industry.

This organization is tailored for the parent company and not the small business owner, but you should be aware of its charter and the support it provides in making sure companies operate at the highest standards.

In conclusion, I hope these resources are beneficial to your business and the ongoing success. Please share the information contained within the article. Review each company or organization and see how they can help you going forward. Keep in mind while you are working you can always listen to HBRN and keep your mind focused on continual learning.

Your Home-Based Business – 5 Keys for Survival

With the recent downturn in the economy, boomers taking early retirement, the plethora of “business opportunities”, or folks being fed up working for “corporate America,” the entrepreneurial spirit, the urge to “work from home” is alive and well. For most home-based workers, the advantages generally outweigh the disadvantages – no commute, having more quality time with one’s family, being in control of one’s life and time, no boss to deal with – among others. This is the good news.

The not-so-good news is that many of these entrepreneurs and work-at-home stalwarts won’t make it. In fact, according to Labor Department statistics, more than 50% of home-based businesses fail within three years of start-up.

So, to help insure you’ll have a better than equal chance of surviving beyond three years and have staying power, consider following these five keys approaches and perspectives as you go to work, at home.

1. Remember, it’s a business, not a hobby

The IRS has strict financial criteria defining the difference between a “business” and a “hobby.” You can search for these on the Internet or contact your local IRS office. For example, if you’re not showing a profit for “X” number of years, you’re working a “hobby”, not a “business.”

However, over and above the IRS financial criteria, what will affect the success is the seriousness of purpose with which you approach operating your business. Going to work at home with a “business attitude” rather than a “hobbyist’s interest” will largely determine whether you succeed or fail.

Another attitudinal factor is whether you are “moving toward” your business. If your energy and approach are one of “moving toward” something you truly desire with your mind, heart and soul, you’ll have a better than average chance of survival. On the other hand, if you are determined to work at home because you are “moving away” from what you “don’t want”, (e.g., no more deadlines, no more bosses, no more pressure, no more “nine-to-five”, no more “people issues”, etc) then there’s a good chance of failure. Why? Focusing on what you truly want, your heart’s desire, and your purpose brings with it an energy of motivation, drive, enthusiasm, self-discipline, determination, resilience, courage, strength, stick-to-it-ive-ness, and consistency, especially in the face of challenge. A “moving away” energy is not sustainable, does not have staying power, and will not give you the energy, will or resiliency you’ll need when the going gets tough. A “moving away” energy does not result in true joy and enthusiasm in the long term. So, it’s critical that you be consciously conscious of the deeper motivations for your desire to work at home

In addition, if you approach your home-based business with a cavalier attitude (e.g., “by-the-way, I’ll work when I want to”), you most probably are doomed to failure.

In fact, if you’re not coming from a mature, serious, genuine and honest “going to work” perspective, at home, you’ll most likely be wasting precious time and energy you might better devote to volunteering in your local community.

Running a viable business from home, rather than working on a very expensive hobby, demands the same degree of time, effort, seriousness of purpose, dedication, discipline, motivation and focus, perhaps more, than does the common job in the corporate arena. One manifestation of your seriousness of purpose is dressing for work every day and “going to work” for normal business hours every day.

So, two questions to reflect on as you consider a home-based business are: “Am I working in a business or am I engaged in a hobby?” and “How do I know?” Your response will have a telling effect on the success of your efforts.

2. Remember, it’s about self-management, not time management

A seriousness-of-purpose attitude is reflected in the way you organize and schedule your life. Truth be told, there is no such thing as “time management.” Successful people are focused on “self-management.” In other words, successful know their true values and their do-ings and be-ings reflect strict adherence to their values. Successful people “invest’ their time and energy; they don’t spend their time and energy wastefully. Their work is values-based. Successful people lead healthy, balanced and harmonious lives. Successful people focus on a healthy integration of mind, body, emotions and values as they lead their lives and conduct their business. They know that excess or deficiency in one area will affect the other areas of their lives and knock one off balance. Successful people bring their “whole” person to work every day. Successful home-based business people don’t say: “By the way, I think I’ll do some work today” interrupted by television, Internet surfing, sleeping, daydreaming, etc.

3. Remember, it’s more important to work “in” your business” than “on” your business

Successful home-based business folks consciously know the difference between “activity” and “action.”

Action means investing time and energy on purpose driven goals and objectives that point directly to the purpose, vision and mission of your business. Examples of action are prospecting for new clients and customers, making follow-up contacts, creating and disseminating marketing materials, networking, being visible, inputting sales data, updating accounts and the like. There is usually a return on this energy and time investment. That is, this time spent working “in” your business is known as “green time.”

Activity, on the other hand, means spending (not investing) time and energy doing “busy work.” Examples of activities are hanging out on the Internet in non-business-related efforts; reading non-essential papers and magazines, moving stacks of papers, socializing on the phone, reading and writing non-business related emails, watching television, shuffling paper clips and “re-organizing” your office over and over. There is no return on “activity” and it serves only to waste your precious time and energy. Activity has no goal and is not purpose driven. Activity is not “green time” and has no effect on the bottom line of your business. “Hobbyists” spend more of their time engaged in “activity.”

4. Remember, time is money

Successful home-based business folks are experts at planning, organizing, prioritizing and executing. They work a well-planned and well-organized yearly, monthly, weekly and daily schedule. They plan their week in advance, plan each day in the morning and review each day at night and make whatever changes are necessary. They track their day and time on an hour-by-hour basis.

Through regular and consistent daily and weekly time tracking, they know where they are spending time and investing time. They know how much of their time is devoted to “green” activities and how much isn’t and honestly, sincerely and self-responsibly make whatever changes are necessary.

5. Remember, business education is a journey, not a destination

Successful home-based workers continually update their knowledge and skills (e.g., computer skills, knowledge and skills related to marketing, managing, accounting, promotion, etc.). They read and research trade journals, magazines and professional publications and non-fiction publications regularly. They are engaged in recognized on-line professional groups and meet regularly in learning settings with like-minded individuals in their communities. Lack of commitment to continuous learning leads to a slow death for home-based business folks.


Working at home and being an entrepreneur can be an exciting, adventurous, and rewarding experience. It can also be a disaster. Whether you eventually “run a business” or “play at a hobby” is your choice.

The eventual success of your business, short- and long-term, will depend on the discipline, planning, organization, structure, self-management and seriousness of purpose with which you “go to work, at home.”

Though you’re not commuting, I hope you enjoy the ride.

The 3 Effective Marketing Tips For Your Online Business


The internet reaches literally millions of people from all over the world. This is the primary reason why online business becomes very popular. A lot of businessmen who have traditional offline business invest in online business because it allows them to market their business to wider audience/clients. With the popularity of online business and with the success rate associated with it, a lot of online businesses have now existed. With so many competitors, how will you be able to sustain your business? Will your business keep up with the stiff market competition?

Well, the truth is that there are so many internet marketing strategies to choose from. All you have to do is to utilize these strategies so that you will be able to reach larger and wider clients thereby increasing your chance of attaining business success. These online business marketing tips will not only improve your overall sales, but it will also guarantee online sustainability.

Below are the three effective online business marketing tips

1) Writing short articles for your marketing

Writing short article is actually an efficient marketing tool. A lot of people these days love to search for information on various topics, especially news, health and fitness, fashion, real estate, and the like. By simply writing articles, you will be able to make money from it. For example, if you have a product to sell or introduce to your target audience you can actually create an informative article about the product, the advantages of purchasing your product, and other article content that will entice readers to purchase or patronize your product. In other words, the articles will not directly sell your product, but instead it will serve as a catalyst so that your customers will be enticed to purchase your products or avail your services.

2) Video marketing

Why should you use video marketing in marketing your business? Well, with the improvement of internet speed more and more people use video in marketing their business. It is already a proven fact that video will help transform passive readers to potential clients. As you know, videos can easily stimulate different senses especially the sight. As a result, your potential customers will be able to appreciate your products and services. However, there are so many factors that lead to effective video marketing. You should be able to come up with clear, effective, and visually inviting videos.

3) Social media site marketing

The social media site marketing refers to the use of social networking sites in marketing your products and services. With the popularity of social media, it becomes a platform for people to easily communicate with other people on the web. Brand awareness and improved customer service are met through the help of social media site marketing. In other words, more people will get to know your business and that the social media site user will share the information to their online friends. So far, social media site is one of the inexpensive ways of marketing your business. Some of the best social media sites that can be used for online business marketing are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+.